Purpose and Mandate

MAK's purpose is to be a leading advocate for quality midwifery services. We aim to achieve this by strengthening midwifery education, research, practice, and regulation. Our efforts align with the provision of Universal Health Coverage and contribute to the broader goal of achieving Sustainable Development Goals. Through strategic initiatives and collaborative strategies, MAK is committed to shaping the future of midwifery in Kenya.


WAHA Project

The WAHA Integrated Healthcare Programme demonstrates a collaborative effort between the European Union, Mombasa County Government, and implementing partners to address crucial ...

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LSTM Support to MAK secretariat

LSTM (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine) provided support to the Midwives Association of Kenya (MAK) to establish and operationalize a functional MAK Secretariat. The primary goal ...

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USAID momentum project

: The USAID Momentum Project, spanning from October 2022 to November 2024, aims to support and advance Rights-Based Family Planning, enhance the Quality of Care in family planning ...

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