MAK Memberships

MAK Membership Structure

At the Midwives Association of Kenya (MAK), membership is designed to provide individuals with a platform for professional development, learning, and collaboration. There are various categories of membership, each tailored to accommodate different roles and interests within the field of midwifery and reproductive/maternal and child health care.

Ordinary Member

o Definition: Any person holding a midwifery professional qualification, regardless of the area of practice. o Benefits: Access to conferences, Continuing Medical Education (CME) opportunities, and a platform for learning and collaboration.


Associate Member

o Definition: Any person with a special interest in reproductive/maternal and child health care, supporting midwives. o Benefits: Involvement in activities supporting midwifery, networking with professionals in the field, and staying informed about relevant healthcare issues.


Student Midwife

o Definition: Persons undergoing a midwifery course at any level of training. o Benefits: Opportunities for learning, mentorship, and integration into the midwifery community.


Customer Member

o Definition: Non-midwifery professionals interested in supporting the midwifery profession in a positive way. o Benefits: Contribution to the advancement of midwifery, engagement in supportive activities, and access to information and events.


Honorary Member

o Definition: Recognition and award of membership to any person who has rendered significant services to midwifery or consistently promotes the objectives of the association. o Benefits: Acknowledgment for outstanding contributions to midwifery, involvement in association activities, and a platform for continued support.


Life Member

o Definition: Professional midwife willing to provide sustained and critical support to midwifery. o Benefits: Acknowledgment as a life member, involvement in strategic initiatives, and a commitment to long-term support for the midwifery profession.


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