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Welcome to our exclusive membership program, where we invite you to unlock a world of benefits, privileges, and unforgettable experiences. As a valued member, you gain access to a host of perks tailored to enhance your journey with us. Enjoy priority access to events, special discounts, personalized recommendations, and exclusive content curated just for you. Connect with a community of like-minded individuals, expand your network, and engage in enriching conversations. Welcome to our Membership Section, a special enclave dedicated to our valued community of members. Here, we extend an exclusive invitation to join a passionate network of individuals who share a common interest and a commitment to a shared vision. As a member, you gain access to a plethora of benefits and privileges designed to enhance your experience with us.

Joining and Subscription Fees Ordinary, Associate, Honarary and Life Members
Registration Fee: KES 1,000/- paid to the MAK National Office New Members Only Monthly Subscription KES 300/- will be payable to Equity Bank Ltd. account pay bill number obtained from your County/ Branch Office. Note: Where there is no branch the payments are made to the National Office pending registration of a Branch a may be applicable
Joining and Subscription Fees: Students and Customers
Discounted rates: Students and Customers pay 50% of the normal fee. Registration Fee: KES 500/- paid to the MAK National Office (New Members Only) Monthly Subscription KES 150/- will be payable to Equity Bank Ltd. account pay bill number. Note: Customer is a Community Member who advocates for midfery care.
Payment Channels (MAK National Office)
Bank: Equity Bank Kenya Limited Branch: Upper Hill Branch BANK MPEAS Pay Bill Number: 247247 Account Pay Bill Number: 858951 Note: Once you make the payment, please send the details to
Ordinary Memberr
Our Ordinary Membership is designed for being any person holding a midwifery professional regardless of the area of practice.
Associate Member
The Associate Membership is ideal for being any person with a special interest in Reproductive/maternal and child health care supporting midwives.
Student Member
Our Student Membership caters specificallybeing persons undergoing a midwifery course at any level of training.
Customer Member
The Customer Membership is designed for individuals being a non-midwifery professional interested in supporting the midwifery profession in any positive way.
Honorary Member
Our Honorary Membership is for the midwives to award membership to any person who has rendered significant services to midwifery or one who consistently and significantly promotes the objectives of The Association.
Life Member
The Life Membership offers a lifelong commitment to being professional midwife willing and signs to support midwifery with a standard critical resource.
Funding Partner
Our Funding Partnership is specifically designed for organizations and businesses that share our vision and want to actively support our mission. As a Funding Partner, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate on projects, gain visibility through co-branding opportunities, and contribute to positive change in our field.

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